Finally a well produced instructional book that encompasses all fundamental skills, training principles and terminology of Wushu is available in a convenient single volume in English language.


The book starts off with a foreword written by Coach Wu Bin, one of the most respected Wushu coaches around the world. After that, the first chapter does a great job narrating the complete history of Wushu in a way we believe has never been accomplished before. The second chapter covers all the most important Wushu basic skills and elementary movements divided in: Stretching and Flexibility Exercises, Hand Forms and Hand Techniques, Stances and Footwork, Basic Combinations, Balance Techniques, Jumping Techniques and Tumbling Techniques. The third chapter meticulously covers a Basic Wushu Routine.


Lastly, a complete Glossary of Terms and a list of Bibliographical References have been added to the book.




Pages: 144


Kindle Edition